Learning from the "Chaos"

There is chaos every where. Where ever you go , what ever you do, you can’t stay shielded from chaos. It will attack you in one way or the other. What surprises me most is not the chaos finding its way, it is how thick and mum people stay when it attacks! The basic identity of Indians , well most of them is to “get used to” anything and every thing . In an “old” post I mentioned the heavy rents and advance payments in Bangalore. It is the standard here . Every one follows the norm. No one questions or objects . If you object you will be outcasted with the statement “You are the only one who has problem with this !”  This is a very common statement which is bombarded at me every day. The below are few scenarios !

I live in an apartment in the 4th floor . It is  new and pretty comfortable one with a good view early in the morning and full moon view in the nights which is dreamy. We moved only with the hope that lift/elevator will be ready in 10 days as per the owner’s promise. It has been 2 and 1/2 months now and only the machine is installed. MEN are STILL AT WORK and God knows when it will be ready. I objected and questioned the broker who apologized and said it is the supplier’s mistake. Owner is not to be blamed. I took the supplier’s number and called him. He said he is not the one to be blamed. He did not get the full payment and hence the supply is delayed . I was sandwiched between the supplier and the owner! I was not sure whom to trust. My mom had to visit me and she cannot easily climb stairs. Hulk entered in me and I called up the owner all-set revising the conversation I was about to have. The man who stands tall at 6′ 3 almost shouted at me saying I am reacting a lot and if I have so much problem I should vacate the house. God knows how loud I sounded in phone after that. The maid became a statue and her daughter almost ran out of the house looking at my Hulk aka Kaali(Goddess Kaali) avtar. If only I was a real hulk I would have smashed the owner’s office !! *sigh*


I gave him left right and center and we didn’t pay rent for the last month and obviously we are not paying maintenance since we moved in. He understood the severity of reaction and apologized . Why does every one wait for the situation to become fierce? I fail to understand. Why should I always have to shout in a booming voice to make people understand the intensity of situation!? My friend suggested filing RTI (Right to Information Act) . I am still thinking on it !

Every thing is heavily priced these days . The movies in multiplexes , clothes and other products in  malls ,furniture , groceries,  petrol, rate card of autowalas, every damn expenditure seems expensive. Even the salary of the maid makes me shudder every month. There are too many reasons for this economy imbalance. Not digging in to them but in a nut shell “Rich get richer. Poor get poorer” and the middle class folks like us always try surviving in the flood of richness by saving our asses from getting burnt by Richie Richs’ and the demands of the poor folks. I really am not sure whose condition is more pitiable. The laborers and servants who demand heavy salaries due to day to day rising economy or “we” who have to bend to their demands and needs! There are even maids who purchased houses in Bangalore- I mean just imagine it is in Bangalore!!

Anyway, the chaos doesn’t end here. Each and every dawn starts with chaos and ends in chaos. Chaos is like a daily ritual in my life. I have to go out. I have to bargain with the taxi or auto driver. I have to argue and make my point that so and so  area is not too far. Why should I pay 10 rupees extra on meter ?! 😦 I go to restaurant and my eyes pop out when I look at the VAT ! I mean seriously man it is too pricey. Once I was treating my friends with pizza at Dominos. The actual bill was some 700-800. Along with VAT it was 1000+ . I shouted even there. I asked to show the rules which decide this. No one had a proper answer and no one had patience to ask and know the facts . We all are bloody used to all this!

Few like me who want to bring change fight , lose their cool and try their level best . Some times even if I come across one or two sensible people who are empathetic and not pathetic it makes me immensely happy. For instance I went to a restaurant called Bhagini Paradise few weeks back . I am planning to actually defame them on every possible site. Its a long pending task. He served us heavily priced starters and was so lazy that he forgot about main course even after taking the order as if his ass was on fire. We waited and waited and as my anger clock ticked at the threshold point I bombed the waiter questioning him ,” The restaurant is totally empty then what was the reason for the delay?“. He gave all weird reasons and guess what he took more revenge on us by supplying the lemon soda before lunch and all the six of us were totally starving. Our eyes were transfixed to the kitchen door but there was no sign of food. He was taking his own sweet time. That was the limit . After a wait of an hour we bombed the manager. He was scared. We didn’t pay for the lemon soda as no one sipped it. I promised him a horrible feed back in-spite of his apology and came out.  Bhagini paradise’s site- http://www.zomato.com/bangalore/bhagini-paradise-marathahalli . My request to all Bangaloreans is to never visit this place !

We then went to Ammi’s biryani outlet. It is quite famous in Bangalore. A small take away with limited seating arrangement but their service was prompt and biryani delicious. He has only biryani and not even veg salad or some thing to garnish . Its a true village style biryani which I loved ! We just mentioned that it would be good if there were onions and lemon . He got them from vegetable vendor and in five min came back with a plate filled with neatly sliced onions and lemon. I felt like just giving a standing ovation after the horrible Bhagini experience. There are very less people who don’t create chaos and make us feel comfortable. The below is their face book page
https://www.facebook.com/AmmisBiryani. It definitely hit me that second that its not always about look and feel of the place!

“Frustrated girl at work”

Chaos is in the day to day chores, at work place while dealing with the boss or a head strong onsite
manager or a team mate who is non co- operative , when a boy friend never understands your needs , a girl friend who just uses you to flaunt you and you come handy as an ATM card and a  security guard , when you are in a bad/failed marriage, when you don’t marry your lover, when you are rejected what you deserve,when you are eve teased, when some one continuously honks in a traffic-jammed road, when you come across highly impatient folks around you , when you answer to nosy people , when you mumble and resist your grumble while talking to boasty people, so on so forth. To that matter chaos is every where around you. It has engulfed you like those electro-magnetic signals which are generated from all electronic devices.

My only advice is please don’t resist the chaos. React when you have to. Shut up and bounce when you need to but never stop the pursuit to make a situation better one and if you happen to be in Bangalore tasting Ammi’s biryani is must 🙂

I am sharing what ‘I Saw and I Learnt‘ at BlogAdda.com in association with DoRight.in.

Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Do share your views!

PS: I don’t own the images. Image sources:  “Hulk”  and “Frustrated girl at work”

37 thoughts on “Learning from the "Chaos"

  1. Someone once said to me “There is always order in chaos” It took a long time for me to understand that. Think about it. If chaos hadn't prevailed at Bhagini's you might never have found Ammi's. Dropping by from AtoZ.

  2. @doodling words : thanks yar for dropping
    Yep I try my level best to object and demand for justice as much as possible but u kno people r very thick skinned
    Anyway glad u liked the post 🙂 thnks

  3. Ya true Suzy after a bad exp some thing good is bound to happen !
    I m just impulsive when anything is in disorder
    I react faster than every one . It helped me some times and didn't help much few other times 🙂
    Thanks for the comment

  4. I do protest but many r used to ” chaos ” hence very less ppl take me seriously 😦
    But I do believe in my efforts and always take a step forward
    Thanks for dropping by roshni

  5. Shaant ho jaaiye, Afshan, shaant ho jaaiye! Deepak Chopra ji ne kaha hai, 'in the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”… hope you follow this 😀 🙂

  6. C for Chaos is what happening with me too! I have to finish 3-4 posts incl a story by tomo and a story by today…upar se meetings and reviews and top of that travel woes…all made me say- Booo hooo hoo 😦


  7. @Shilpa : Deepak chopra ne sahi kahaa ….
    I believe frank clark's statement – If you cant resolve a problem FIND some humor in it 😀 Thats what I Try doing but am possessed by HULK some times . CANT Help 😀 Thanks fr the comment

  8. I am yet to see a residential apartment builder keep his promise of adding the lifts in the time scheduled. There are complexes where this hasn't been dne even after months!


    Good topic for C, Afshan! 😀 But I can't imagine you as the Hulk. You're too sweet looking for that!

  9. Well, what can I say! It's chaotic everywhere, Afshan. Same here with rising prices, Hyderabad is no different. Rent are creeping up very creepily, salaries are where they are. Restaurants,grr… hospitality industry loses its name with people like this in business.

    Good post Afshan.

  10. @Vidya : True ! Very few ppl keep their promises but facing this much recklessness in owner's tonne made me red hot tat day

    Thanks for dropping by and the sweet comment 😉 But seeing is believing. You should have seen me that day. I didnt believe myself. I even told him I Will knock every door and request them not to pay maintenance + Rent. After tht he tonne was low

  11. Chaos never increases or decreases …it is constant …sometimes it is within us …sometimes it is outside . Glad you are able to find some humor in it 🙂 and trying your bit to protest 🙂 Hugs 🙂

  12. Ya true its chaotic but we r too much cheated in Bangalore. I kno Hyd is no different bt as we Know none here it was tough
    but ya u get a decent apt for 8k-10k in HYD . Here U hav to put double the amount :-/

  13. That is one reason no one wants to come back to India after visiting abroad. There are no such problems there. It took me almost a year to adjust back in India. And the hulk still appears inside me quite regularly.

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