Love you Sandy…

It was love at first sight. He was so handsome and playful, running always behind his mother. We thought of naming him Sandy. A catastrophe fell on us when he met an untimely death during his playtime due to some rogue on the road. Those glistening eyes got closed and we remained mute. R.I.P.  Sandy!
This is Sandy. The cutest kitten I ever saw
This is written for  Write Tribe’s prompt of 55 Fiction for the genre LOVE. Thanks to Vidya Sury  for all the guidance This is my very first 55 Fiction and I felt I can never write it till I rounded on love and remembered Sandy. May he rest in peace:-(

Write Tribe

PS: Sandy is my in-laws’ pet. It was just few months old. We had great fun playing with him in our last trip. It was saddening to hear about his untimely death which was very painful. Sandy stayed close by Missy in his last moments. Missy is his mother:(

Missy and Sandy

32 thoughts on “Love you Sandy…

  1. really :O such things also happen 😦 ?
    My In laws' house is a mini zoo . Theres a dog brandy 3 cats and many birds. They all stay in harmony. Not sure why it went out that fateful day 😦
    feels sad to think of it ……

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