I am the "Mia" Woman

I make my work beautiful by the simple principle which is quoted by Frank Clark and followed by me – “The next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humour in it.”  Once a colleague told me that I inspire him as I laugh at my own problems at work. I try to ease the toughest situation by finding humour in it. Humour is the best therapy.  Not very long ago, we had an issue at office which had to be solved late in the night to send to the client. It was raining cats and dogs and we any way couldn’t go home. I got the brilliant idea of ordering pizza and Choco lava from nearby Dominos and make the atmosphere light. It feels good to work with satisfied appetite. When it is rumbling the ranting gets more acidic. Everyone was surprised when I was actually ordering but I continuously said that we needed a break. After an endless pursuit everyone agreed and we relished the pizza, coke and Choco lava and guess what after good food, good conversations and smiles shared with in the group we could confidently resolve the issue and send a mail to the client. The next day we got an appreciation mail which surely brightened the morning. The joys at work place whether big or small feel good. More than work it’s all about the team spirit and the healthy bonding. If you feel good with your team mates then I believe work is a child’s play. It’s essential to have good vibes and a positive atmosphere at work place and one must not forget to have fun. Even if your team mates suck it is essential for you to try and be happy all the time. The positive aura you generate will surely be infectious and may even change the grumpy people around you.

I am no super woman. I lose my cool and behave like one frustrated soul many a times. When I am in a horrible situation I wriggle out only by remembering the good old words and days.  No one is going to pump confidence in me. I need to fight my demons all by myself. There are good days and bad days in any one’s professional as well as personal lives. No one promised every day to be rosy but just finding something good at work or at home every day will surely make one feel better. It can be anything ranging from a coffee shared with a good friend, listening to music when you are tired, reading a good book or article and sharing it with someone who would be interested. When I feel I cannot solve a problem my mom always comes to my rescue. When I feel my life is rough or tough I just remember all those inspiring people whose life is just like mine or may be tougher. So I am the Mia woman and I would always try to be one!
The Happy Team on Diwali-Ethnic day

This post is for a contest “As beautiful as you by Mia-Tanishq”.
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12 thoughts on “I am the "Mia" Woman

  1. Aww…I truly wish I had you near me, physically!
    I didn't get what you meant my Mia until I saw the ad – Is this an entry for a contest??

    And you look more livelier, prettier and better than all these stuff put together – 🙂 Love you loads Lil Miss Sunshine – and all that Lava, Java stuff made me hungry now!

  2. U just melted me with this comment 😉 Wish we could meet when u come to India next 🙂 and Am not all the time livelier but my efforts are always on no matter what
    LOVE U LOADS TOOO and no java please 😛 😛 Its scares the shit out of me.
    Any lava or even volcano is fine 😀 😀


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