"Opposites attract and act together"- A poem :)

The hot sun cooled down by the breeze and the rain.
The pleasant time with loved ones lessens the pain.
The still leaves swayed to and fro due to the wind.
My silent thoughts started speaking with my mind.

To do the right you have to do wrong some times.
To be rich and not to die poor you do the boring job and earn dimes.
If one reason makes you cry life gives you 1000 reasons to smile.
To know the happiness you have to face the gloom once in a while.

To listen and not ignore a person when he talks, you have to be silent.
One cannot be gentle and achieve peace by being violent.
When a person is far, to bring him near one has to be patient.

To release the thoughts held from long, one needs an emotional vent.

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To enjoy the brightness you need to face the dark.
At times you need to stop the swift ride, get down and walk.
One needs to put effort to maintain harmony and avoid strife.
One needs to stop by for small joys and start living a life.

There is full bloom at one place and another has to wither.
There is bliss on one side and suffering on the other.
Good is meager and for bad there is never a dearth.
Heaven and hell are present just here on the Earth.

There will always be an eerie calmness just before the storm.
If you want to serve the cold revenge sit for a while and it will get warm.
A simple word of comfort can lessen the pain, bring joy and act like a balm.

Defeat the defeat before it defeats you and your win will be a grand slam!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

PS: The opposite words are in bold in the above poem!

16 thoughts on “"Opposites attract and act together"- A poem :)

  1. To be rich and not to die poor you do the boring job and earn dimes. How true and sad.

    You have used the opposites well and at the same time the rhyming is perfect. lovely one. all the best fr the contest.

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