Kids can be cruel too :-|

Kids are god sent, adorable, cute and kissable. A small smile can make your day but sometimes some strong revelations and questions they pose can mar your day too! A kid used to stay in the fifth floor of my apartment at Hyderabad. He is so damn cute that I always used to wish to bump in to him every day whenever I come out. He used to take the school van and he is the cutest of all the kids. Chubby,  chirpy,  funny and a happy kid he is! We both talk. Talk in the sense, we actually talk.
Every day morning he used to go to Taekwondo and I used to go for my morning walk. In the first round I always used to come across him, he wearing a cute taekwondo dress tightened with a belt shouts with all his energy that he is going to Taekwondo and that he is better than his big bro. Big bro is very handsome and smart with a gentle approving smile whenever this champ talks. No. BIG BRO is not in his teens or twenties! He must be some 10yrs old and this little champ must be some 6yrs old. So one fine day after a long day at office I went home and pressed the elevator’s button. I saw that the lil champ is also waiting there to get in to the lift. My face was lit up. I pulled his cheek and said hi. As we were waiting for the lift a handsome bespectacled boy also joined with some plastic covers having groceries. Don’t know in which company he works but ya he seemed a bit dignified among all boys who stayed in that bachelor’s flat!!
We exchanged a formal smile.
Lil champ started talking: “ Akka. In which floor do you stay?”
I didn’t understand why suddenly he asked that.
Me: “2nd . Why? “
LC: “If it is second you can take stairs na. It will be good. It’s just like an exercise.”
Believe me friends, I felt so tiny being preached by the kid at that second that too with a grown up boy suppressing his smiles by my side . I suppressed my malice on LC for what he just spoke.

Image source:“here”

I narrowed my eyes and looked threateningly at him
LC looked here and there and replied: “You seem too tired. You came back from office no?”
With puppy eyes I nodded hoping to gain more sympathy and concern. We all got in to the lift.
LC: “ No problem! In other times you can take stairs!!”     *Bouncer again*
I wondered which teacher/master (Taekwondo) taught him all this which lead to a pravachan and made me a victim. I wanted to win in the entire conversation.
I questioned: “Why don’t you take stairs?” [heheheha *evil grin in my mind*]
LC: “I stay in 5th floor na. If it was 2nd I would never have taken the lift.”
I imagined instantly learning one of the taekwondo techniques and kicking myself for interrogating him.
I felt terrible, offended and what not. Lift stopped at my floor. While getting down I looked back and saw that the elder of the two boys was grinning broad. Ideally he was not  elder as I felt the little rascal lot elder than me or the other boy at that time.
I had no other choice than to grin back and give one last malicious look at the little rascal !!

This is my second post written for  Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013. As part of this challenge I am writing seven random incidents which happened to me or others 🙂 Do acknowledge if you read.  Find more posts here – “Day 2” 

29 thoughts on “Kids can be cruel too :-|

  1. woohooo… coming from a kid it hits u hard..I remember my 4 year old niece had come to my place … N we saw a cockroach..I am scared to death with those uglings ..n so I shouted … and calm came the reply ..”Masi, how can u be scared of such a tiny thing are sooo huge as compared to them ..they should be scared” … Ofcourse I am belittled by a little one

  2. These days almost all kids are so. All their questions are like the ones posed by Calvin but one can laugh reading those cartoon strips but in reality! Can't imagine.

    Great post for Day 2, Afshu.

    Joy always,

  3. Yeah. I hear ya 🙂 Sometimes, they just tell whatever comes to their mind without thinking 🙂 Now that makes me wonder what and all I might have said at his age.

  4. I have learnt it the hard way too. It is better to stay away from kids! (sometimes our own too) You have no idea how embarrassed I have been because of their seemingly innocent questions. Good one. 🙂

  5. Ha ha adorable!!!! I remember many years ago, when my little sister saw me religiously applying cream to my face and she asked, ' Why are you putting that everyday, nothing's happening, no??' From the mouths of babes 🙂

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