Love is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t Enough- Book Review

Title : Love is Vodka – A Shot Ain’t Enough
Author : Amit Shankar
Number of Pages : 203
Price [INR] : 195
Genre: Fiction

Looking at the title I felt it must be a mushy book. There is no dearth to chick lit books and I thought this is just among many in the neatly arranged racks. Still I ordered it as I enjoy chick lit stuff. The story revolves around Moon a LOVE child to an entrepreneur mom who is a known face as she becomes the editor of a leading news channel after working her ass off. Her dad is a French man whom Moon doesn’t meet much but shares a strong bond. E-mails and chats are her favorite means of communication.

Unlike her mom Moon is not career oriented but every thing in life is easy for her with the tag of Ms.Payal Malik’s daughter. She becomes a mega model in no time and she falls in and out of love so many times that the doubts and dilemma she has about love and eternal happiness keep bugging her from the day she starts falling for guys for various reasons. She  is just 19 when she falls in love with Ash. She likes him but doesn’t really get drawn towards him. She falls for many other people simultaneously and loses them for various reasons. In her words life is always a bitch for her. She stays frustrated and discontent.

Life becomes a cobweb when she falls head over heels for “D” the Devil which is the name she fondly gives to her mom’s X boy friend. To understand why and what makes her get attracted to men and how she always leaves the relationship with an empty heart you must read the book and know. She is a dissatisfied soul , a troubled teen who always wants pamper, care, love and others approval for her looks, acts and what not. She is brave , confident and independent but she is unhappy as there is a huge lacuna in her life due to lack of a father’s care and a mother’s gentle love.

At a certain point while reading I remembered the movies like Page 3 and Life in a Metro and many other movies based on love and relationships in metros. The chapter where she attends a gay party and becomes shell shocked reminded me of a scene  from Page3 where Konkana Sen performs neatly. The story starts off in a good pace with the enthusiasm and energy which only a teenager can possess but as it gains pace it falters. It is just like a daily serial where you can watch the fresh episode with out watching the old one and guess the next few episodes even before the current episode ends. Only one thing I can say for this book is that I got “bored.”

First thing which I really liked is the portrayal of the troubled teen which is perfect as every teenager takes the roller coaster emotional ride. The second thing which I liked is how the author showed the involvement of facebook in our lives and how much we all are addicted to it. Specially in teenage FB gives a high when you are loved all over it. All these things are shown aptly. The influence of online communication which gives rise to many virtual relationships is shown nicely!

There’s too much to grasp from the book. Its like a jack of all trades, master of none. From Facebook to copy writing to media and Anna Hazare kind of fights against corruption all things are just brushed up with out going in to too many details. When the book ended I thought it will end on some suspense note or may reveal the true side of one person or another but sad that there was no element of  surprise at all. You can easily guess the ending and even the dialogues. When Moon says that she loves Gautam who is the driving force of the anti-corruption movement I could only laugh in a silly way as I have my doubts on her consistency.

In my honest opinion this book is for teenagers or for people in early twenties. Others like me may not enjoy it. 

My rating 1.5/5

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The Secret Wish List – Book review

Book: The Secret Wish List
Author : Preeti Shenoy
Pages : 260
Published by : Westland Publishers

I finished the book in 4 days. I took so long as frankly it didn’t keep me glued to it. Unlike other books by Preeti Shenoy I have to say this one is boring , monotonous and repetitive . Opening of the book is good where school days are described. Story oscillates between present and past. The narration takes you back to school grounds and the teenage infatuations but after that I was just waiting for the end. I knew the end but had to finish it as I wanted to see if there is a twist!I would love to see a damsel not in distress the next time she writes a book. Its always a troubled woman who ultimately becomes strong and faces the world.

The protagonist Diksha is trapped in her married life and is seeking peace and real happiness. You feel connected to her but the way the events turn out its much more like a movie to me. The moment the book becomes a movie I lose interest. Every thing happens like she wants all of a sudden and her romance blooms which in real life is actually tough. The circumstances and the chances are co operative and she again finds her old love. Frankly too many lines were repetitive. After meeting her teenage love Ankit she keeps on saying the same things all over again. I know it happens in love but to read it in book was a bit boring !Few characters got dissolved in the mid. I thought there is some thing more to the character Vibha who is Diksha’s cousin. Compared to the previous books this definitely was not up to the mark. It is like reading a similar story again. I loved Life is what you make it and felt Tea for two and a piece of cake was OK! This book is a time pass read and as it is the fourth book may be I expected a lot. I was expecting a story where lead roles would be doing all adventurous things in the wish list and not a woman oriented book where there are relationship or marital problems again.

Few bits I liked are the Salsa and the details, the mother in law who seemed extremely understanding and sweet. Such characters again are rare species in real life. I mean there are mothers who support even rapist sons so I don’t think a mother in-law will support a daughter in-law immediately if she wants to walk out of a marriage. I liked the way places and localities are described. I liked the concept of writing down a secret wish list and ya I loved the cover page which lead to my great expectations.

My rating : 2/5

Lastly if you are travelling you may take this book with you. It will make a good companion for a short journey 🙂

Happy weekend

"Ah-Poetry Review"!

 Poems are written when you are ecstatic, when you have to express something with lot of intensity and you are falling short of words and just conveying it through speech will not do justice to that expression. Whenever you read a poem you instantly go back in to your memory lanes or start pondering or  just smile broad or get lost in thoughts. Poems ignite many kind of feelings in you. Being a poet (not sure if my  poems are still amateur;-) )  I loved reading this book but frankly even before jotting down the detailed review I must say I won’t be doing justice to this book review as I was not able to finish it. The name of the book is so apt – “Ah poetry!” It is loaded with so many beautiful poems (more than 150) that I was not able to finish all of them in a week. Frankly reading a poem and feeling it depends on your mood and reviewing poems- my god!! Initially I thought it’s an easy task as they are just poems, but ,hell  NO.Reviewing is all together a big challenge because a poem can only be felt or expressed. Reviewing the poem is not a cake walk and with so many poets and too many poems you will be bewildered as to whom and what to praise!

I loved many poems but excuse me for handpicking few favourite poems in this review, which I could understand instantly and these poems were effortless and easily felt. Many have written real heavy and intense ones of blood, war, religion, failed relationships etcetera but having read the poems of this genre many a times I liked a different genre this time. The best thing about this book is it is contemporary with many genres, all clubbed in a single book. Some people have weaved stories around poems and some let out their personal stories hidden between the lines and some didn’t mind expressing them directly. Once I almost finished reading the poems I felt like I read too many stories. That was a good feel!
Now I want to list out few poems which I enjoyed. It doesn’t mean the other poems are bad. It just means that some are too huge and heavy that I couldn’t sink in what all is written in this short span of time. Some were too strong and intellectual for my level of understanding 🙂

First poem which caught my attention was written by Ajinkya.H.Raut. He wrote a poem “Relationship in a Box” which describes that few relation ships which don’t work make you feel like you are trapped in a box with that person and there is no progress or love in that relation . The poem is not dumped with heavy emotions but still can make you thoughtful! Akshat Gupta wrote a poem “A Pocket full of memories”. It easily makes you remember some fond or cold or lost memories but my favourite poem is “A Billionaire” written by him which describes a person who is a billionaire but still a pauper as he is drowned in his desires, thoughts and dreams about that only person whom he couldn’t get. I loved the way the poem flowed! I also liked Amanpreet Singh’s  “Vacant Horizons”. It’s touchy!

Amit Charles aka Scribbler’s poems are also effortless. The way he wrote “Ammamma Puttu and the Summer Rain” reflected nativity and reminded me my days with granny. It  reflected innocence, childhood and many memories! I was lot touched by Anand Madhukar’s “Letter to my Father”. By the end of the poem I literally let out a sigh and couldn’t read any poems further for a while.

Anantha R a engineer in Cognizant finally made me laugh J I loved the way he wrote “I’m Ready for marriage”. This man can tickle your funny bone! His other two poems “Sangameswar’s new Roti maker” is equally funny and you can almost visualise the whole poem! He explained recession effectively in his poem “Communists or Democrats”. Another person whose poems I loved a lot is Anu Cowlagi. I liked all her poems. “Shower of Love” describes the tender mother’s love. “Perspectives”is amazingly written describing media as a new terrorism. Liked her last poem in the book “Time” as well. One more thing I need to mention here is most of these poets write blogs. I have gone through few of them and really loved many of their other works and poems!

I was touched by Baljeet Randhawa’s  “Do trust my silence?” . Nothing to describe it. You must read to feel it. Spare her a thought by Dolly Singh is good! Hiral Trivedi’s short poems are good. Krishna Dasani’s “Modern Myth V. Eternal Truth” is too good and you feel relieved by the end of it! Loved Leenuka Reddy’s “Meandering lines” which describes kismat is not connected due to the criss cross lines on the palm but by holding each others palmsJNishant Singh’s April’s Wing is again a journey to childhood. Thanks to Nivedita aka Devenita Er who finally cleared the confusion I had about a word “Haiku.” Pravaas Ranjan aka V@@S’s short crisp and clear poems were good . For instance he wrote a poem.
I presume that I walk alone
But still I see, a road constantly
Walking with me. 
There were many such good poems by him.
The way Prerana Choudhury described poetry just before her poems started is good!
Some poems described the nature , rains  and coffee during rains so nicely that I could almost get a whiff of hot chocolate coffee like Rohan Sen’s “I can smell the Coffee When it rains” which describes rain,coffee and meeting an impressive stranger JThere are many such poems describing nature beautifully! Shashank Mishra’s “Those papers in my Drawer” will instantly flash many images in your mind’s eye! Loved it. Liked Shigufta Uzma’s  “The Changing Prefixes and Suffixes” which describes marriage, change of surname and mocks it which you feel is aptly done and last but not the least I want to end it with Yamini Periwal’s “Invincible.” A poem filled with positivity and can make you confident. Loved it in and out. Kudos to Yamini. So the book ends with Yamini Periwal’s poems but when I was closing the book I felt the poetic saga is never ending! I know I missed out many names here. I want to repeat this again thatI had to skip some poems on terrorism, wars, attacks , blood etc as they were falling too heavy on my brain. As of now I loved the breezy ones! Some other time when I re-open the book I would love to read and understand the missed out poems. All in all it has been a great learning experience to me and quite a challenging task to review this book. As I finished writing this my feeling  is “Aaah- I can write it!” 🙂 After reading this book I feel like refining my own poems and writing few fresh ones.Lastly few images should have been added in the book which would have made them more realistic. Thanks to Blogadda for giving this amazing opportunity and for making me float in the “POETIC CLOUD” this whole week. This book definitely can be treasured! Kudos to all the poets who are a part of it and would love to see their individual books soon!!
“The whole week I was floating in a poetic cloud.
  Sometimes I frowned, sometimes I laughed loud!
 Sometimes I thought for long, at times I was moved.
By the end of the week my brain has many poetic seeds sowed!!”
Thank You again BlogaddaJ

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Life is What You Make it–Book Review

The title of the book is so apt. Every page and scene of the book adheres to the title. Yes Life is what You make it. Actually You can either make it or break it which is very well narrated in the ankitas story in the book. The flow is so gripping that I finished the book in one and half day to be precise if I minus the lunch hours and small breaks and I was shouting on top of my voice when my mom was requesting me to dry the clothes or clean my room and etc etc while reading the book over the weekend!! She was shouting “ You and Your books. I will hide all of them” !

The sensitivity we should be having towards the patients with few disabilities and how they can be actually cured by little love and concern is also well narrated and it was realistic.. Its like the characters were coming out of each page and the events were happening right in front of me! I loved the book in and out. I remembered Taare Zameen par a bit where the dyslexic ishaan is treated nicely by aamir khan . MARK MY WORDS :: This book is entirely different from the movie and not at all a copy. But I could relate aamir khans role to the doc and also the bipolar disorder with the dyslexic disorder ! Love , Empathy and the way U treat people by reminding their strengths instead of their problems continuously and showing sympathy creates positive vibes and actually does wonders.
The whole of india is mostly orthodox. People believe heavily in traditions , family restrictions and many other age old beliefs. Be it kerala or Hyderabad or any other remote place in india. But ya after reading the book I felt Kerala is also a place where people can die to stick to their traditions and family values and respect like many other places in India! Its so common every where in india where if you see a boy and girl together you conclude that they are lovers or having some illegal affair !! Most of the Parents protect you and gauge you if you are a girl which actually creates suffocation…
The college life is described very naturally. You can actually relate to many chapters of the grad days of Ankita…her friends group..their feelings and every thing! The role which really touched me is Abhi’s . His sincerity, Love…though writing letter in blood is little dramatic are touching…I was almost in tears when Abhi says “ Just stay in touch That is it I want to ask Ankita” …”That is it” ..I guess it was 12:30 (past midnight) when I was reading this very part of the book and I really felt sad and couldn’t sleep for long after that . WAS LOST IN Thoughts!!

Preeti Shenoy is one of those rare authors who can embed emotions in correct amounts and at the correct point of time and never gives a over dose of it!The next chapters and the sequence of events made me think a lot!!!I shuddered at each and every progressive/retrogressive ?!? phases of Ankita and was just wishing the book shouldn’t end tragically ! Thanks to Preeti for making it a sensible end. I was really wishing Ankita excels in her creativity by the end of it which she does. I don’t know if its fact or fiction but there are many things which make U think a lot and make U feel its all real!!!!

Waiting for more books from Preeti Shenoy

Till then all book lovers can buy this book through and enjoy!:)

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