A memorable day at Bombay!

We went to Mumbai which was Bombay then in 1994. I was quite impressed by the vastness of the city. I even asked my uncle where the end point of the city was. He was quite stumped by the question and praised me saying it was an intelligent question. Among all the places I visited the most memorable one was “Haji Ali Dargah”  .

The Dargah contains the tomb of  Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. The Dargah was constructed just off the shore of   Worli. I found the structure majestic and heavenly. It felt magical to walk in to the sea. I felt like I was in some fairy tale. The waves beating up the rocks and the water drops hitting our faces now and then as if to say “hi” was a pleasant welcoming sight! It was heavily crowded that day. People from various regions, religions and countries visited to get blessings. I was overwhelmed on seeing people from around the globe. For an hour it felt like we all belonged to the universal religion of love. We were lucky as it was Friday. We enjoyed Sufi music and Qawwalis inside the Dargah.

We took many snaps with our humble Konica camera. It was a hot humid day and so we couldn’t sit for long. I was dead scared by sea or any water body in those days. I always felt the wave would eat me up. The fear subsided now but it has not vanished! I dared to sit on the rocks that day where waves were ferocious.  The right most in pony tail is me in the picture which was taken on the way back. From left- my uncle, dressed in red- Dolly my cousin, my brother and cousin brother with water bottle around his neck.

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