"An aromatic journey down the memory lane:-)"

Early morning aroma of filter coffee instantly rises the spirits.
Reminds me those mornings of exam preparation to be in merits.
The smell of a new book or the morning paper always makes me elated.
The words travel from my eyes to mind giving rise to images animated!

The sweet smell of roses in the garden reminds me of grand mom’s place.

Her love for gardening used to create a colorful atmosphere which exuded peace.
The scent of the incense sticks reminds me the holy Fridays,
when mom always lights them up, gives alms to the poor and prays!

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The smell of coconut oil reminds me those lazy Sundays,

when I used to have head bath after the long oil massages.
Sundays were meant to watch duck-tales and jungle book.
And then have a sumptuous lunch by mom who is a magnificent cook!

The cool breeze with whiffs of various recipes is amazing.

The aroma makes me hungry and the stomach starts rumbling.
The mixed aroma of boiling dal and spices brings back the school days.
The days when mom used to pack lunch boxes in innovative ways!

Then comes the whir of the washing machine and the strong smell of detergent.

The sounds and smell remind me the office training days spent in queues at laundromat.
The queues lead to new friendships , talks, gossip and at times an interesting conversation.
The place where people used to hangout more than the clothes for some relaxation! ūüėČ

The fragrance of a freshly baked bread or other confectionery is tempting.

The taste-buds tingle and diet chart goes to dumps as mouth starts watering.
Brain says no but heart always says yes and manages to win over the brain.
I treat myself with a pastry or an apple pie as it is tough to refrain!

The smell of the wet mud always pushes me down the valley of memories.

Rain and nostalgia go hand in hand digging out the deep thoughts from centuries!
The aroma of hot Pakodas and tea is so inviting during rains.
A sip and a bite energize me releasing me from all the pains!

From morning to evening smells engulf us and impact our mood.

Depending on the kind of smell mood can be bad or good.
Some smells take us back in time. They make us sit and brood.
A certain smell brings a random memory and acts as an allude!

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"Opposites attract and act together"- A poem :)

The hot sun cooled down by the breeze and the rain.
The pleasant time with loved ones lessens the pain.
The still leaves swayed to and fro due to the wind.
My silent thoughts started speaking with my mind.

To do the right you have to do wrong some times.
To be rich and not to die poor you do the boring job and earn dimes.
If one reason makes you cry life gives you 1000 reasons to smile.
To know the happiness you have to face the gloom once in a while.

To listen and not ignore a person when he talks, you have to be silent.
One cannot be gentle and achieve peace by being violent.
When a person is far, to bring him near one has to be patient.

To release the thoughts held from long, one needs an emotional vent.

Image source:“here”
To enjoy the brightness you need to face the dark.
At times you need to stop the swift ride, get down and walk.
One needs to put effort to maintain harmony and avoid strife.
One needs to stop by for small joys and start living a life.

There is full bloom at one place and another has to wither.
There is bliss on one side and suffering on the other.
Good is meager and for bad there is never a dearth.
Heaven and hell are present just here on the Earth.

There will always be an eerie calmness just before the storm.
If you want to serve the cold revenge sit for a while and it will get warm.
A simple word of comfort can lessen the pain, bring joy and act like a balm.

Defeat the defeat before it defeats you and your win will be a grand slam!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

PS: The opposite words are in bold in the above poem!

Face"Book of life" – A new poem

Facebook has to do multiple tasks.
In the glory of his success someone basks.
His failure is tackled in its nook and corner.
His friends may have to be put on the back burner!

Life’s matters are seriously discussed here.
You are free to give badges of honour and smear.
From disheartening politicians to peers.
Even others status messages and their fears.

There is no such thing which is not important.
You are free to express your opinion in the form of rant.
You are free to reply to others on your wall.
You smile at the pleasure of the graffiti hurting your pal!

Facebook makes everyone go in to your friends list.
You feel it is the clear vision you have when there is no mist.
Once, love was expressed face to face and from eyes to eyes.
Hatred was under the wraps as it was thought to be wise!

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Everything is the topic of the day.
Updating the status on face book is a child’s play.
Topics vary from a persons accent to his dressing sense.
Facebook is the hangout for every nonsense!

Facebook is the crystal ball to see your future.
Facebook is the hobby which you want to nurture.
Facebook is an outlet for good deeds which is a paradox.
Facebook is an everyday Pandora’s Box!

Life is so easy now; the world is in your fist.
Everything is told here if not in detail at least in gist.
Ultimately every one decides who and what is worthy.
And I am still contemplating if this is blog worthy? 

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P.S. : A series of irritating status messages as and when I woke up lead to this. I am not sorry if this irritates any but I am happy FB always keeps my creative juices flowing  

Music – "The language of God"

I heard the first rain drops splashing the Neem tree.

A new song rose in my heart in a mood joyous and free.
Music is in the running river and in the waves of the sea.
The rhythmic horns make the music and even the buzz of the bee!
There’s music in the sounds of a dense jungle and in the chirping birds.
The cooing of a pigeon and the song of a cuckoo is melodious.
Music flows across the boundaries uniting us in one religion.
Music is a part of the soul giving us a new vision!

Image source :“here”

Music along with poems and beautiful rhymes.
Flows in to the heart and is double faced at times.
It either gives you pain or it takes your pain away.
Music has the power to play with your emotions and just stray!
A sudden silly smile or a thought with a frown on face.
Music often brings back the good old days.
Music is god as it is immortal and rules the minds.
Music can play the tricks on us of all kinds!
The moon lit sky is music to our eyes.
With music world seems so beautiful and nice.
The voice of our loved ones’ is music to our ears.
A single word can dump all our fears!
No one rules anyone in the kingdom of music.
All are under the charm of this magic.
Music brings all strings together.
It rocks our life with a bang forever!
Music needs no words to touch your heart.
With music jubilant is any one’s day’s start.
Music makes you travel to places across the globe.
Music puts on you a thinking cap and makes you probe!
Music knows no boundaries or a language.
Music releases the feelings trapped in a cage.
Music speaks the unspoken words.
Music is the universal language of all folks!
This post is written for¬†Indiblogeswari’s¬†#ThatTuesdayThingy¬†¬†– an attempt to challenge ourselves and to go that extra mile and tell our tale ūüôā !

The above post is written in response to the below “Time¬†Traveller” ¬†video by Rahul Sharma. Listen to this soothing music and have fun !

"I Write"

I write when I want to romance the words.
I write when I break up with my words.
I write when my heart is content and dancing.
I write when my heart is empty and sobbing.

I write when my imaginations soar high with wings.

I write when my thoughts come free of the strings.
I write when the world around me changes for good.
I write when the world around me makes me brood!

I write when I want to make my days brighter.

I write when I want to make my load lighter.
I write when a gentle touch makes me sing.
I write when the words spoken by a person sting!

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I write when the rain makes me high.

I write when I see some thing and sigh.
I write when I am loved and when I feel proud.
I write every time I start thinking aloud!

I write as I want to leave all the thoughts behind.

I write as nirvana it is which I always find.
I write when from the clutches I want to release my mind.
I write when my haphazard thoughts have to be aligned!

I can’t be every thing I want to be in my life.

I write and try to manage the daily mind-heart strife.
I write to fulfill my dreams , desires and aspirations.
I write as I come across many who are real inspirations!

I write down to know me better with every passing day.

I write down to reach my heart via an easy passage-way.
I write as it is the only way to set free some feeling.
I write as it makes me a complete human being.

This is in response to WriteTribe prompt and the Thursday bloghop #80 at the Writer’s Post. 

The "Small" Wonders!

World is big and everything embedded in it is a wonder.
We used to stop by every creation for a while and ponder.
Remember how we used awe at the sky and the thunder?
How we used to escape from mommy when we did a blunder?
Remember the pleasure of playing hide and seek in a huge play ground?
And the person you were searching was standing just around.
Do you remember the shouts and screams when he was found?
Remember the fights over silly things on a muddy mound?
 Do you remember the endless games even on a hot sunny day?
Remember the gentle breezes drying your sweat in a soothing way.
Remember the tender grass on which hours together you used to lay.
Remember the petals you used to collect when the wind swayed them away!

Image courtesy : http://sarabbit.openphoto.net/gallery/

Remember the diary in which you preserved the petals even if they were wrying?
Remember how the petal held your name in capitals in your neat hand writing?
The preserved petals and the foliage dry up and the ink gets smudged.
So are the memories which in the diary are deeply submerged.
Today as the sky roared and the clouds exploded in to rain,
I remembered the beautiful memories and good old days once again.
It is strange how the rains and the memories are tightly intertwined.
The room holding the past in the brain opens up and the episodes unwind!
Past is the place to visit and not to live but the mind refuses to come back.
Appreciating every small wonder always should not be a child’s knack.
Tomorrow when you go out check the flower in its full bloom.
If you want your present will be exhilarating too. Do not let the past loom!
Stop by the garden when you feel down and smell the rose.
If you feel good about it write down a poem or prose.
Present becomes past in no time so remember to overcome the sorrow.
Moments spent today become beautiful memories for tomorrow!

This post is written in response to WriteTribe Prompt # 4

You only live Once

You want to learn dance and perform on the stage?
You just need to fly by coming out of your cage.
Dance needs a spark with in you and it doesn’t have any ¬†age.
It only needs the spirit to dance, to enjoy and maintain the rage!
You want to excel and master your singing?
Go do it now. Can’t you see it is your true calling!
Sing and know your song. Tomorrow can never be today.
Your song might change your life. Start without any delay!
Do you want to get rid of the phobia of water?
Do something which you wanted to do with fervor.
Don’t just watch from a distance. Go dive in to the river.
You only have to face it to end the quiver!
You want to write a book and make people read you.
Start it now and wonder at what you actually can do.
Till you actually start something you will have no clue.
If you do not start, the to-do list will always be in due!
Life is surrounded by uncertainties, challenges and too much of fear.
Embracing your life like a friend gives you the unlimited power.
You can set your priorities and plan your to do list, now or never.
Once you start fulfilling your desires your life will be your lover!
Count your life not by the number of the years you live.
Count your life by the number of the moments you always relive.
It is your life and with it you cannot be nonchalant!
You only live one life which is enough to do what all you want.

This post is in response to Write Tribe Prompt # 3

"Behind the "BLUE" Doors!" – A poem

She and her curiosity always stayed indoors.
Her heart trapped behind the bars inside the wooden doors.
Her soul traveled miles even if she did not move an inch.
The desires pricked her like the thorns of the cactus making her flinch!
She was as lonely as the Cactus plant and the deserted street.
She needed permission to sit or squat or to just stand on her feet.
The Cactus still had the pot and the floor as companions.
She was unwanted and inside the doors buried were her passions!
If she boldly stepped out of the door any time of the day,
She had to face the wrath of the master who would love to fray.
Her child hood, youth and women hood are all seamless.
For she knew only slave-hood which was always loveless!
Slavery to ‚Äúmen‚ÄĚ whom she feared to accept or deny.
Slavery to the beasts and their erotic desires which made her cry.
Behind those closed doors painted blue she was beaten black and blue.
There was no one to understand her blues even if she gave a cue.
To sing or dance or to even talk to some other is an offense.
Even to think of thinking of her tiniest wishes she always had to pretense.
The doors and the floor were cleaned and even the Cactus was fed.
She was the most used commodity in that house which is thrashed till it bled.
She eagerly used to watch the road as if to meet a human outside the bars.
She used to dream of the moment when she would finally fly and reach the stars.
A smile used to dance on her lips by the mere thought of an escapade.
She knew it was just her dream which slowly would submerge and fade!
She dreaded the evenings when her master would return and bang the door.
If she looked beautiful he would doubt her and call her a whore.
She got used to the treatment and tears dried up and cries became muffled.
Even if she felt sick, vomited or fainted the master remained unruffled!
Her sullen face and bloodied breasts hide in darkness and in shame.
She lives every passing day with a beastly monster who she cannot tame.
She counts her days only to die and leave the hell to travel to the heaven’s gate.
She wants to question the God and know what she did to meet this fate!!

Today I am very sad. When ever I read news like this – “The Eight year old who didnt make it past her wedding night”¬†I shudder , feel sick to the stomach , feel extremely helpless!

Write Tribe Prompt

This post is in response to Write Tribe Prompt #2 

"Y" for "You all made it possible!"

I am what I am and I write what I can.
I was alone in this field when the journey began.
Slowly I gained speed and some times I ran.
I strived a lot to be one in the huge clan.

Like ¬†the penguin of the happy feet I didn’t know my song.
Some times the posts are right and some times seem wrong.
I stopped stressing on the rhythm or a coherent beat.
I danced with my blog which was my only partner and tapped my happy feet.

You all slowly came along and I realised every one has their own music.
Playing your own song and enjoying it to the fullest does the trick.
The essence of “you” is lost when you are all set to mimick.
There is cement which strengthens the wall and to hold up a brick.

The wall of fame is a combination of compliments and brickbats.
Some times you sit a top like a humpty dumpty receiving many pats.
You feel royal and feel sunshine ,glitter and hue around you.
The world is in your fist and every thing you say feels wise and true.

The phase doesnt last long as some one pushes you from behind.
They may sense nonsense around and they are not the encouraging kind.
On those days rather than giving a piece of your mind it is always wise to turn blind.
Be strong like the wall on which you are seated and your place and pace you will soon find!

There are few who praise you to the skies and there are few who push you in to the valley.
There are few who don’t hesitate to call a spade a spade and pass on opinions¬†genuinely.
And there are few who just let you be and be with you in your ups and downs.
They accept you and embrace you during your smiles , cries and frowns!

Those special few are always close to the heart which dances in a mood jolly.
 They praise you when you need it and correct you if you have done a folly.
 When you are short of words they make you laugh by cutting a joke silly.
 They dance to their own songs but they make you feel you are in their family!!

Thanks ¬†to the¬†¬†“A to Z”¬† challenge ! Poetry is my strength and I wanted to test it on the last but one day by writing a poem which is straight from my heart ūüôā Thanks to all with out whom the challenge would have been a bland one. Thanks to all the compliments and brickbats. More on the “Z” day . Till then cheerio !
This is my 25th and last but one post for¬†“A to Z blogging Challenge 2013”¬†! ¬†Phew- A sigh of relief

"A Poem to Sophie"

Sophie and Meena are friends from school . Meena came back to India after school as her father’s work-tenure in Newyork was over. Till date Sophie and Meena stay in touch through facebook , emails and phone calls but they never actually get time to talk for long .

One fine day after watching Sophie’s pics Meena randomly writes a poem for her which goes like below.

Dear Meena,

After ages I returned home from office very early today and with a hot cup of tea by my side thought to write a poem for you as I was thinking about you. Hope you like it ūüôā
“To Sophie!”
The first day at the school in the U.S.A. I entered the class and was placed beside you.
I was tensed and became mute and froze as I had no clue.
You broke the ice and introduced yourself with a sweet smile and a hand shake.
There was no looking back after that as we spoke everything and did not fake!
You were my role model and my best friend in school.
It’s not just your looks or hair but it is due to your attitude so cool!
I always looked up to you and wanted to adapt your ways one or two.
You seemed like a person whose words are pure and heart true!

My dear Sophie, you had silky smooth loosely tied long plaits.
Your tresses were so dense that they can hide your actual traits.
But when you are too stressed they seemed to take it too.
They sagged and roughened which is so unlike you!
We reached graduation and kept in touch through pings or an occasional mail.
In this fast paced life we forgot to talk to each other like before without fail.
Hence I thought today I will take time and type out what I want to say
If not this hour it will always be in drafts long forgotten if I delay!
When I saw your latest pic from your trip in which you were leaning on window pane. 
I remembered the good old days when I used to love your braids and your shiny mane.
Not that you lost your charm but I know time took its toll and you decided to cut your hair.
When I remembered your beautiful braids I totally felt it’s not at all fair!

The decision is yours whether you want to tie a braid again or not.
Being your best friend I feel you will be extra pretty if you tie your hair in a knot!
I am enclosing below your childhood pic where you look like a cute princess.
Would love to see the free flowing hair again with zero stress!

We shall meet soon some time and revive all the forgotten memories.
It would be cool if we both can look like before flushing all the drudgeries.
Looking forward to our meet after six months when you will visit India.
Am sure it will be a grand meet and you and I will be rejuvenated Sophia!
Loads of love.
Yours Meena .
Once Sophie finished reading the poem with a smile she decided she will take her best friend’s advice and start growing her hair and look like her old-self ūüôā
This post is for the contest “Beautiful ends to your beautiful braids”¬†by Dove¬†in association with “Indiblogger.in”.¬†

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