"S" for "Shahrukh Khan"

Disclaimer : This post is not for the haters. If you belong to an anti SRK community (my experience says it exists) and want to post a hate comment hop on to an anti SRK blog and happily do that 😛

Even before I start writing a few lines on today’s “S” I can sense few frowns , smiles, excitements , raised jaws , eyebrows , love , loathe , few aaawss , few hmmpfs and much more. Ignoring all the love/hate reactions let me dive deep in to what I want to write. “Shahrukh Khan”– Every one in India and few in overseas must be familiar with this name. One of the Bollywood’s super stars who is quite successful and girls at least 5 out of 10 can’t resist ogling him ! He is fondly called as the King Khan and Bollywood Badshah . Keeping aside whether or not he deserves the titles and whether or not he tops the charts now I want to tell a tale of how I fell in love with SRK and his charm.

In the early 90s when we were still in to melodramatic movies and songs which span for more than 9-10min , when “KumarSanu” was the only nasal singer we knew, when heroines meant either Sridevi , Madhuri or Juhi Chawala I saw Shahrukh Khan in Baazigar which won him a film fare best actor award for the first time. Even before that he bagged best male debut for Deewana movie in which the bubbly Divya Bharathi acted. It was Baazigar when I first got attracted to this dimpled man , full of life and I so wanted to be Kajol in the movie. When ever I used to watch the below song I thought he was charming. We have had many romantic heroes till then but no one seemed so energetic and so full of life to me!

No wonder SRK- Kajol pair became India’s favorite. They were so natural together. Where ever I go I used to search for some SRK look alike. There were few look alikes but none as charming as him. If a man had dimples I used to get excited but other than that nothing in him qualified him to be SRK.  If some one had a vivid adam’s apple I used to look at him eagerly as if he would suddenly show some SRK trait but alas! No one was good enough.

Starting from Baazigar I watched all his hit/ flop movies. I remember getting Guddu and Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India! video cassettes which gave head ache to my mom but I enjoyed them. I used to rewind and watch SRK’s scenes when my mom was not around. Yep it was the era of VCR’s and VOLGA and TIME video tapes.  I was still in my primary school and that was the year when I was about to enter high school and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge got released . Its been 17 years and this movie is still running successfully in Maratha Mandir of Mumbai breaking the records of all the movies. A perfect love story set in a dreamy Europe back drop along with the desi punjab flavor which never ceases to steal my heart. I haven’t counted how many times I watched it on TV. Raj Malhotra aka Shahrukh Khan in the movie tempted all girls and women and every boy and man was stressed as the expectations from them would rise.  I had his paper cut outs and posters after the movie. There are many sweet romantic movies in English and other languages but to me DDLJ is heart favorite. Many other movies were released mimicking DDLJ but not even one could recreate the same magic.

I went to the movie along with all the girls in the class on the last day of the annual exams. We were in high spirits and in a celebration mood . Had lunch at a friends place and rushed to theater. We didn’t want to even miss the curtain rising. Raj became a house hold name and every one wanted some one like Raj as their boy friend. I was seriously amazed by the movie and was stark silent after the movie. My friends kept on praising him , his dimples, the songs, emotions , the vibrancy and in a nut shell every thing linked to the movie including the subtitle – Come fall in love . We all were over whelmed. Others were over whelmed but I was madly in love with SRK. SRK or Raj it didn’t matter but I decided that day that If I ever find a man he should be liking me the way Raj likes Simran in the movie. As I grew I was not overtly silly but that dream and hope to get Raj like lover was still intact .
Sarson ke khet – Sun flower fields are linked to love and romance
after this movie
and yes he looks hot with a moustache too. I LOVE this movie
“Paheli”  . Highly entertaining just like the panchatantra stories!

I am tempted to post his images with many pretty ladies but don’t want to drool over my own post  and get jealous as I am not in the pics 😛 

Many more movies got released and SRK’s trademark charm never faded . The charm and fondness only increased with every passing year. He gave few flops and few hits but whenever he acted in a romantic role wooing a lady he seemed and still seems natural. Be it Chalte Chalte , Veer-Zaara or Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi his charisma never failed to entice me. Most of the movies can be watched many times. Few seemed illogical to me like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Mohabbatein but even these movies were liked by many audiences. 

I firmly remember that friend ship bands got famous only after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in India. When his haters were blaming him that he can only act in bubble gum romance and chick lit stuff and cant do a movie in a different genre he surprised every one with his rough look as Kabir Khan- coach of Indian Hockey women’s team in Chak De! India. My heart as always was gone and I loved the way he pulled off the role so easily. Even if there are few disastrous movies there are many gems which can be watched again and again.
Chakde India – a movie which I watch any time it gets telecasted
Above is a cute KKHH snippet for you all
 SRK Rani and Kajol in Kuch Kuch hota hai were compared to the characters from Archie comics- Archie , Veronica and Betty. Its not an exaggeration if I say they indianised and recreated the roles. They didn’t fail to amuse the viewers as Rahul , Tina and Anjali.  SRK acted with all ladies who were ruling then  like Sridevi , Madhuri , Karishma , Kajol , Juhi , Sonali and many more and now he is acting with many heroines like Deepika and Anushka who are topping the charts. Incidentally both the heroines have their precious entry in to bollywood with SRK. He is also lucky as he always gets best music , songs and choreographers and they are lucky as they get him in them!

Every time I watch a favorite SRK movie I discover a new thing. While watching Dilwale Dulhaniya lejayenge for I-dont-know-which’th time I realised that he seemed extra adorable in the red and white striped t shirt when Simran (Kajol) imagines him waving bye to her just outside her door. Sorry couldn’t google out that pic. When I saw Darr I realised he wears the same shirt through out the song “Tu mere saamne” and looked extra handsome in that loose colorful shirt. The SRK-Kajol pair became so famous that people felt sad when she married her long time love Ajay Devgan. They so wanted to see them together always which was not possible.

I can continue pouring my SRK love all over the blog but I want to end it here so as not to bore the readers who are neutral to his charm and even worst to spare the readers who loathe him whole-heartedly . For others who love him like me I know your eyes are glittering.

Lastly few more reasons why I like him

  • He climbed the success ladder due to his hard work and it did not happen in a day or a month . Starting from television debut Fauji he performed well in serials like Circus which gave him a name and fame . He also acted in dil dariya , waghle ki duniya and doosra keval. Yep he acted in an episode of Waghle ki Duniya where he is just a teenager. He drives a maruthi 800 in it and he looks unbelievably cute.
  • His energy and enthusiasm even at the age of 48 amuse me. He is aging gracefully. I did not like his latest Jab Tak Hai Jaan but I still loved it as he was far better than the leading ladies for a script with too many loopholes. Sadly Yash Raj’s last but not a homage to all his love stories made before. Catch a glimpse of the hottie below .

  • He has his share of failures but he is a good entrepreneur and he knows where to put his money . Come on after all one should know the art of earning too !

  • He respects women and it shows in what ever he talks.

  • He is one of the best entertainers India has. Be it an award ceremony or speech at YALE university people look forward to listen to him .
  • I love the way he speaks upfront and straight forward which lands him in controversies many times which people believe he does on purpose !!

  • His comic timing is best. Once he said when ever he feels over confident , he will remember the insults he faces in airport when ever he was stopped at the immigration check.

  • His real life love is like it is in his movies which makes him more adorable. His kinship with his wife is some thing in the lines of a bollywood movie. You can google it out if interested.

There are still many more reasons to list out  but I really don’t want to make it an answer to  an essay question –Give 10 good reasons why you love SRK ? 😛 Also I don’t want to give a heart ache to my husband who already finds every day a battle as he has to  bear with my never ending SRK love (just kidding). You will laugh at me but I was so glad when Imran (my husband) smiled the first time he met me. 

Any guesses why ?????

He has dimples which resemble SRK’s . LOL.  After sounding too filmy let me end this article by saying that I might be mad in this case but every man has his own traits and I don’t push their buttons or point guns on their temples to change. I am glad the way they are. I feel more glad when they don’t try to mimic some one , specially when they don’t make a fool out of themselves imitating SRK 🙂

With lots of love


Some one should literally hold my hands and stop me from typing. For now my husband has stopped me 😛 I want to end this with one of my many favorite shots and my most favorite love song !
This is my 19th post for  “A to Z blogging Challenge 2013” !

50 thoughts on “"S" for "Shahrukh Khan"

  1. Thanks for dedicating it to me (I'll take it like that).. 😉

    Really Afshan, I still sometimes watch his old movies like Darr, Baazigar etc where he was so full of energy, he had that definite spark and enthusiasm to make it big. And big he did and how.

    There are many gossip and not so good stuff about him floating as well which I accept but he still is a charmer, isn't it. I also like how he is in in real life, love his dedication to his family as well.

    Btw, have you seen his 'Jeena isi ka naam hai' episode ??

    Lastly, SRK was one of the post ideas on S for me too. 😀

  2. My goodness you are a Pucca SRK fan … I don't hate him but I don't like him either. But i do believe he and Kajol are oneof the best pair Bollywood has seen and DDLJ remains my all tiem favouriet movie .. Tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam still makes me sigh …
    I loved him in Chak De India

  3. Y didnt u write then ? do write if possbl
    Ya I saw that old jeena isi ka naam hai with Farukh sheikh right ?
    I still watch it if it gets relayed.
    Such a cute episode it is
    U may dedicate this to u r self with all might
    good day

  4. Good to know u dont hate him !
    Ya me a pakka fan 😀 😛 irrespective of hits or flops. To me there r many things to like him immensely
    Good day
    Thanks for dropping by inspite of ur cold

  5. I could feel your love for him. Glad your hubby has dimples like him. I like dimples too – my son has them – even better than SRKs 😀

  6. I'm no fan of SRK, but I did think he only truly showed his acting talent in Swades and Chak de India. In most other films, he does the same stuff. If only he would take a risk and do something out of the way, like the two films above.
    And I agree, the comic timing and the quick thinking repartee is superb. He is the only reason I used to watch those stupid Hindi film award shows. He can make people laugh.

  7. Afshan!! I love SRK and till date feel a Raj is there for me 😉

    I loved him in Devdas, Chak De, Dil to Pagal Hai and sorry, in kuch kuch hota hai too!! 🙂

    I am sure you dig on the latest Frooti ad too 🙂

    Loved this post.

  8. hey kuch kuch hota hai is cuteness personified but I just find it illogical
    Still watched umpteen times for u know who !
    I LOVE KAJOL TOO in the movie
    Thhanks for liking the post
    special Shake hand for the RAJ FEEL 😉

  9. He for sure can make ppl laugh
    My mom sits along with me till the end of an award show only to watch him even if she is no big fan 😀
    hhehee that same stuff he does is appealing. I am waiting for more variety tooo !!
    Thanks for commetn

  10. I fell for him hook, line and sinker when he acted in Fauji. I loved him to a point of no return, he had actually sidelined my love for Sallu. I have seen him up-close…and he is every bit of an entertainer. But, somewhere down the line…I just grew out of him. 🙂

  11. I am not a big fan 🙂 but DDLJ was a good movie, he and Kajol were a perfect pair then.Can't say when last I have read such a dil se post about SRK. I read Janaki's Nagarjuna post, btw I adored him in Shiva.

  12. You know something, I am so so so jealous of you because you share the name 'Khan' with him. My love for SRK knows no bounds and as you know I call fellow SRK lovers my 'sautans' but in a happy way that he is the Mohan and we all are Meera deewanis 😀

  13. hahaha Akanksha
    When my wedding got fixed My friends requested me to request Imran to change his first name to Sharukh
    LOL !!
    Anyway Loved ur comment. I guess I read ur post. let me check it

  14. There is a whole load of Shahrukh beyond his stardom, and that is what I like about him. He is quick witted, well read and very intelligent. I heard that he is fantastic father ( from direct sources). For not being conventionally handsome or having a God Father in the industry, he had come a very long way on his own 🙂 One could like him or loathe him, but cannot ignore him 🙂
    That was straight from the heart..and it is true fans like you that r his biggest strength 😀

  15. Love you Afshan for this post…yessssss I had been a great fan of SRK since his Fauji days. My friends mocked me that time when I appreciated that lanky youth. Although now I grew out of him but still watch his flicks in movie channels playing for the nth time.
    I love all the pointers and agree to that…yeah, he is smart enough and a tremendous businessman.I support KKR only coz he is the owner and not coz I am a Bong!!
    Also, lemme share a secret here, my hubby has the same arched brows like SRK and in school and college days he even imitated his style….it was enough for me to fell for him.:D

  16. I definitely fell for him in Fauji!
    I think for comic scenes, he gels very well with Juhi and for romantic scenes, with Kajol.
    He does have several movies that I just disliked but of the recent movies, Chak De was fabulous!

  17. Same tightest pinch :p
    I was so glad when kkr won last year more importantly as I wanted him to win due to some stupid controversy
    Have to check ur hubby's pic once !!
    It feels so good to know that some one feels the way u do

  18. A hy ten for what ever u told laxmi !
    U can love or hate but can't ignore
    Once sridevi told Srk is a charmer
    Coming from her was like wow to me
    Anyway good day

  19. SRK is the very first and only celeb fall in love with. Whenever he was shown on TV I literally used to kiss him (actually even now). And there's not even a single movie of his that I haven't seen multiple times. Gosh! he's truly awesome!

    Cheers to HIM!

    -Fellow blogger(and SRK Lover) from A to Z!

  20. I remember being incharge of the junior library in school when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was released and every day I would turn the pages of magazines frantically to find his pics and I would slowly remove those pages from the magazines to add to my own collection… I remember calling random numbers in Bombay and making excuse to find the exchange phone number there to ask for SRK's number!! I was crazy about him to that extent !! 😉 Ofcourse, I still love him!!

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