Smile is not always a curve which sets things straight :-)

It got awkward when Reshma was introduced to Sahil. She already knows him but had to exchange the pleasantries like she met him for the first time. To add to the awkwardness Ajay left her with Sahil as he got a phone call.

Sahil: “Hmm. So you seem very happy?”

Reshma: “Of course. Ajay is a good man but I have not embraced life the way you did. I didn’t climb the success ladder forgetting past so fast!”

Sahil smiled. The shadow of his smile held so many questions, answers and emotions but it was disrupted as Ajay came back.

Written for Saturday’s 100 words prompt on Write Tribe.
100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

27 thoughts on “Smile is not always a curve which sets things straight :-)

  1. If only we could look into his mind … so Afshan we'll look forward to part 2 when we get to look into his mind. Thanks for writing on my prompt.

  2. BINGO on that Kathy . I have come across weird men too and they say reading a woman's mind is tough . MEN R TOUGHEST Nuts
    thanks for reading dear

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