Dreamz unlimited!!!

I dream of a fairy land. 

Me the fairest Fairy with a magic wand!

A genie all time ready for my command.
A life so colourful , bright and so grand!!

I felt there is a real magic world.
There are stories and mysteries untold,

A kingdom which i ruled.

A warrior who can fight and be very bold!

A castle which is strewn with all gold.
when no owl arrived and nothing caught my hold,
I had to back off and my dream had to mould!

I dream to be a  teacher.

Teaching Maths ,Geography and in Biology of every creature!

Unfolding the realities of the world still felt magical,
Though Marks , results and ranks made it mechanical!

I dream to be useful to nation and be in politics.

I realise i don’t know the Poly-Tricks!

You gotta change your face and play many flicks.

The dream is still in the corner of mind as the clock ticks:-)
;I dream to be a a singer or a dancer in delight.

A lyricist or own a roof top restaurant in twilight!
I dream to design a marvelous art works gallery.
A lavish boutique and there is no need of day to day salary  🙂

I dream a new thing daily,
I wake up thinking will all these Dreams work really?
All the overloaded dreams and desires fight back.
I calm them down relax and write back !

As i write down my dreams desires and facts.

My brain is getting light and heart is on flight!
EUREKA–This is my dream job which is writing down all my thoughts.

Wrong, right , delight ,plight and every thing in my sight !:)

A nice thing came to my Mind which i read some where!! :—One day Dreams asked Life : “When will we all come TRUE?”

Life smiled and answered : “ Never! Coz the day U all come true i will LOSE VALUE”

NOTE: THis post is for the blogaddas this week competition @What is your Dream Job in association with pringoo as a partner

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11 thoughts on “Dreamz unlimited!!!

  1. B E A Utiful. . . . .i think, u should giv up infy. ..start freelance writing. The very first time i read your comments, I understood that u r not what u look. . .its too young for a person to think that way. Is choti si umr ke peeche koi lambi dastaan hai. . .itni gehri soch itni si umr me. . .uparwale ki meherbani hi ho sakti hai. . .keep it up. . .its a valuable gift you got. . don't let it fade out. . .capture it in some book or record. .my best wishes for your bright and versatile career ahead. . .AAL DE BESHT. .

  2. Nice thoughts, and very nice poem. I was afraid that it is going to end in a state of confusion, but the EUREKA moment delighted me as a reader.

    All the best with the contest.

  3. Lovely post and very nice poem. I was afraid that it was going to end in a state of confusion, but the EUREKA moment delighted me as a reader.

    All the best with the contest.

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