"B" for "Bangalored" :)

Getting “Bangalored” actually means losing one’s job to India or that you are outsourced to India. Mostly Americans use it . It actually means that people are laid off in US as their jobs are moved to Bangalore, some times not necessarily Bangalore but to India or other parts of Asia. This word is even added to the dictionary  (Check “here” ). This word holds good as I see many Americans and other foreigners in “White” Field , the area where I currently am residing! I wonder if this area is named after them 🙂

The purpose of giving the title “Bangalored” to this post is not to discuss jobs, IT or outsourcing but its just a simple fact that I loved the term and in a  way it applies to me too even if I am not actually laid off. I resigned my job in Hyderabad post marriage and moved to Gurgaon and later got Bangalored as my husband got an offer here. I am still trying to get a job in the “Silicon Valley” of India . From dawn to dusk and till midnight I keep checking my mails and apply to every possible opportunity which suits my profile. In the meantime I have worked as content writer with few online magazines and am glad I am actually using this time qualitatively to write! I am still in two minds whether to plunge in to a new career or go back to the same old world of “0s” and “1s” . Anyway I am drifting away. The purpose of this post is to tell you about my likes and dislikes about Bangalore so far !!

Bangalore Tech park
The Yummy Bisibelebath

The very first tryst with the “Garden city” happened when I finished my intermediate. I had to give an entrance test – KCET for admission in to medical and Engineering colleges.  I was just trying my luck in Karnataka too if at all I don’t score well in Andhra Pradesh 🙂 It was actually a fun trip after long and I instantly loved the city , the greenery, Bisibelebath, Vangabath (all kind of baths ;)) , kathi rolls , hatti kaapi and the frequent drizzles . I visited Vidhansaudha, Leela palace, Lalbagh, the scenic Cubbon Park , some other parks and Visweswarayya Museum. Spent a whole day in the museum and absolutely loved the experience. I finished my exam and was clueless about my performance but flashed a happy dent smile when I came out of the exam hall as I had no further obstacles to enjoyment . Trip to Mysore and Ooty were good. We enjoyed the royal “Mysore Palace” , “Nandi” , “Chamundeshwari hills” in Mysore. The trip was bitter as we got the bad news of my Grand mom’s death when we came back from Ooty . We didn’t even cross check if we packed every thing. The journey was tough , sad and that was a death in the family which impacted me a lot as I bade bye to my granny before leaving to Bangalore and was expecting to go back and spend some days with her but never in my worst of the nightmares did I think that it was a final good bye! The slightest memory of that day makes me feel like going back and giving her a proper hug before I left but unfortunately it was a bye which lasted for a second as we were getting late!

Second time I went to Bangalore with friends during my Engineering 3rd year and enjoyed to the fullest. I can write few stories describing each and every detail of the trip. Hence not going in to deep details 🙂 Only thing I can say is I made new friends with whom I talk even now. We roamed , roamed and romanced the roads! We did boating in Ooty , enjoyed getting clicked in Botanical gardens and strolled at Dodabetta peak. The trip felt complete when I visited with friends.

Boating in Ooty
Mysore Palace

As my first job- training was in Infosys Mysore I had a gala time visiting places , tasting new cuisines and buying Mysore silk sarees . Infosys Mysore and Bangalore Development centers are also must visit places if you can make it. Its not an exaggeration if I say they beautify the city little more and Infosys Mysore can compete with Mysore palace as it is humongous and looks equally royal!

Bengaluru is a happening place with so many places to visit in and around the city. I shifted to the city in January and my experience so far is good but once you start staying in any place for long you come to know the pros and  cons .

One of the many buildings of Infosys Mysore Campus

Few things which I liked and disliked most in Bangalore are like below.

What  I Like!

  • Greenery all around. Where ever you go  the roads will be flanked by trees on both the sides.
  • Many places to visit during weekends and holidays.Few national parks, hill stations like Coorg  ,many famous waterfalls like Shivana Samudra, Jog falls, Hogenakkal (which is called Niagara of India) are few to name. I visited Hogenakkal  and it was marvelous.
  • There is a mixed culture even if there are few who always give priority to locals! You can actually see people from every nook and corner of India in Bangalore.
  • Great place to shop. I shopped for a whole day in the Commercial street. The malls are worth visiting and prices are reasonable and Mysore silk Sarees are tempting. Sandal wood and hand loom products of Karnataka are quite impressive.
  • Food is good. As I am a South Indian I might be a bit biased here but I am sure any North / East / West Indian or a non-Indian will not  regret tasting few delicacies like Bisibelebath here.

What I dislike!

  • I hate Bangalore traffic. I have been to Wonder-la which is an amusement park in the outskirts of the city and it took me nearly 2 1/2 hours to cover the journey of 1/2 hour. In peek hours travelling on Bangalore roads is a night mare. You should plan your journey accordingly. You can actually see people going to offices who start working on their laptops in buses!
  • The roads are narrow and almost every road is one way. Hence it is all congested.
  • The skyrocketing rents and other prices in general. The norm followed by residents here to give away nearly one lac as advance if you want to move to a decent apartment or individual house and a one month rent is deducted as charges to paint the house . It is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Language is a pain here. I still manage as I can speak in Telugu. Most of them don’t understand Hindi and it is tough for few to communicate.
  • Its no more pleasant like before :(. Pollution , too many buildings , malls and gated communities whatever might be the reasons the air is not fresh and cool like before and the never ending power cuts make it worse. Still Bangalore is lot better than many cities!

That’t all for now folks . So I am Bang-a-lored and I hope I won’t be banged or lured and I feel I am back to Bangalore with a bang 🙂

PS: I don’t own Images. All are googled
This is my second post for “A to Z blogging Challenge 2013” !

38 thoughts on “"B" for "Bangalored" :)

  1. You didn't talk about the autowallahs! That is one negative I have about Bangalore! They were apallingly rude when they realized I was a North Indian. Otherwise, I love Bangalore! I used to visit my friends at IISc all the time and we used to of course land up on Commercial street for time-pass!

  2. got nostalgic afshan- I shifted to bangalore from delhi immediately after marriage and must have stayed there for a year. I totally loved the place and still miss it after all these years. anyways your yays & nays for the place had me nodding my head in vigorous agreement 🙂

  3. I have ben to Bangalore just twice. I loved the weather and there was greenery and flowers all around !
    But somehow as a delhite used to the changing seasons the same weather in Bangalore all year ard might bore me after a while 1

  4. Ya . Few locals r pretty rude and Bangalore was in news many times for the same reason . Am not new to this Roshni and am not a northie 👌.A person in wonder la was rude when I enquiried some thing . I told I don't understand Kannada . He still repeated in Kannada . I said talk in any other language and he gave that killing look as if not knowing Kannada is a serious crime :p it was funny later but ya I too have issues with few locals here who r rude but place as such is good to stay 🙂

  5. Ya greenery is one thing which brings peace here ! Hence the garden city but it's not too pleasant now . Climate is moderate and enjoyable and power cuts r same like in Gurgaon :):(
    Thanks for dropping by Ruchira

  6. Wow your story sounds like mine . I too hope to stay for an year or more here ! My vote will always be for hyd due to many reasons ;)I have all near and dear there !! Good to know u could revive ur days and that u nodded in agreement to what all I told
    Thanks for dropping by Priya
    Good luck for challenge 🙂

  7. I have been to Bangalore many times for official visits. Though never got the opportunity to explore much! The rent scene seems to be outrageous and have heard a lot about the menace of auto drivers too!

  8. Ya rent scene is outrageous but people r used to and it doesnt mean every worn earns heavily ! INDIANS are used to many things like this. Till now didnt have a bad auto experience but nw am bit scared 😮

  9. My abs fav city! My 3 year stay in the city is something that I will cherish forever! I love love love the simplistic Kannada people, amazing weather, the delicious bisibelebath, dosas and idlis and MG road, Commercial street, and the never ending options of a weeeknd trips in and around the place…

  10. The auto menace is not just limited to B'lore …it is rampant everywhere …Had been there when I was a kid .simply loved the bracing climate and the yummy “bisibellebath” 🙂

  11. Today because of you i learned a new word 'Bangalored'. Thankyou 😀

    I love reading posts that talks about personal experiences.

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I wish you had the time to hug her tight for a li'l longer time before you left for Bangalore. But then no one ever thinks that it is gonna be their last hug. May she rest in peace.

    I have never been to Bangalore but your post gave me a nice tour of the city. And i wish that you soon get a job there.

  12. I've been to Bangalore at least 6 or 7 times, but have never spent more than a day there during any trip. Thank you for this post. It is very informative and will come in handy the next time I need to go there. And yes, Bisi bele bhaath is too yum.

  13. As always a nice post Afsan! Glad you r liking Bangalore, it's such a great respite from Gurgaon-Delhi.

    Btw, how do we get the letter of the day picture for this challenge?

    Oh yes, that Bisibele rice looks yumm..where is the appalam? 🙂


  14. I loved this. I must visit Infosys when we visit Mysore next.

    There is something so fun about reading about the city we live in!

    I didn't know about being “Bangalore-d”!

  15. Nice post Afshan ! You've listed out the good and the bad points of the city very well. The Infosys Mysore campus looks really beautiful, almost like the Royal Palace, as you've mentioned.

  16. Hey Ekta
    Thanks for dropping by Yep Bisibelebath is slurpy Yummy. U shud do a recipe post on it too … i kno only idiyappam
    Wats appalam 😮 u know more 🙂
    I love mysore dosa though !!
    am gettng hungry girl
    the image U can get on their site it self! under BANNERS and BAdges in A toz site

  17. 🙂 ya Bangalored coined by IT junta few years back. Thanks fr visiting vidya 🙂
    U SHUD VISIT Infy if u know any thr . The experience will last forever 🙂
    it for sure is fun to write abt the city we r living in too !!
    Good day

  18. yep Rains just surprise U every day here 🙂 Its lot polluted now though !
    The south indian delicacies jst tease ur tastebuds 🙂 Good to know ur love towards this city
    Thanks for dropping by

  19. THanks for your wish Preetilata . Am glad U liked my post 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.
    Yep I Was very close to Granny. 10 years I stayed just 2 blocks from her. We used to go to Nanima's house almost dialy. Am very attached to her 🙂

    Anyway good luck with the contest

  20. ya Infy mysore is royal It competes with palace fr sure. I jst kept one pic from the lot. Its a huge campus
    THanks for visiting my blog Diana !
    ATB with the contest

  21. You stayed in Bangalore ?!! 🙂 cool
    Ya traffic is deadly. THe disadvantages of being silicon valley U know
    Whitefield is better even now but if you go to the heart of the city you will face the Traffic jam for sure
    thanks for dropping by corinne

  22. I am from Bangalore. Yeah…the traffic is a bitch. It has become 'hotter' in terms of weather because the greenery has considerably reduced. But, it's my home and I love it.

  23. I have never been to Bangalore but a lot of my friends tell me that the weather is great there. I would personally love to live in any place that does not have the sweltering summers similar to Delhi.

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