May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 12. Mother!

The Day 12 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” is 12. Mother: It’s Mother’s Day. Take a photo of a mother figure, or if you’re a mum – perhaps yourself. Or what the word mother means to you.

Before I upload pics Happy mothers day to all mothers and sons and daughters out there. It is true that God cannot be every where and so he created mothers. We can only try to love her in the way she loves us but it is tough match the magnitude of her love!

Few lines from a poem I wrote long back – “I love U Mom Dad”

“Every secret I shared even if its unimportant and wee.

Every thing and place which together we always see!
At my smallest victory your face will be in glee.
To my wishes and impossible demands you would always agree!

When I am dull you would give me a good book or a story to read.
You would stand behind and give me all chances to lead!
To my tall-tales and deeds you would always pay heed.
With out me uttering a word you would recognize what I need!”

Your selfless love surprises every one and even all the Gods!
Love you dearest mom till the end of the world and after wards!!
I loved the above collage!

This is Mom before she became a mom 🙂 Stylish mommy
in her college days

Mom with me and Bhayya (bro)

My bhabhi with her two kiddos content and relaxed
in her company 🙂

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